West Neck Farm prides itself on the ability to serve riders of all abilities. 

  • Beginner w/ Chloe - $35

  • Intermediate w/ Crissy or Marina - $40

  • Advanced w/ Virginia - $50

  • Trailer-in Lessons - $55

*Trailer-in lessons are only available for riders of BTB and are scheduled for forty-five minutes of ring time; reflected in the price of the lesson.

riding opportunities

West Neck Farm offers a variety of fun riding opportunities outside of lessons.

  • Open Ring Days

  • On-Site Horse Shows

  • Clinics

West Neck Farm takes pride in offering lessons to help each rider grow to meet their potential and overall goals. In an effort to meet the needs of each level, WNF and BTB have established the following lesson program:


Riders begin their journey at West Neck Farm with Chloe, who teaches beginner lessons to children who are completely new to riding. With Chloe, riders can expect to learn to lead, brush, and tack up their horse/pony; as well as walk/trot on a lead line to get the overall feel of being on the back of a horse. While lessons are scheduled for a half hour, please expect to spend an hour at the farm as qualified staff walk beginners through general horsemanship skills before and after riding.


Once a rider is able to tack up their own horse, they can expect to move on to Crissy and/or Marina, who will work with the rider off the lead line until the rider is confident enough to canter independently. Riders can expect to learn their posting diagonals, canter leads, and general ring etiquette that will prepare them to transition to Virginia where they will learn to jump! Riders should be prepared to spend at least an hour at the farm getting their horse ready for their lesson and putting them away after riding; riding time will last a half hour.


Virginia, Head Trainer of Behind the Blue, works with riders who have the ability to start trotting poles and have the desire to jump, all the way up through riders showing on the A circuit. Virginia will work with every rider to establish goals at the start of each year, including show planning. Please visit her site for more information. When scheduling a lesson, please be prepared to spend at least an hour at the barn getting ready, warming up, cooling down, and putting your horse away. Lessons last a half hour, so please be in the ring warming up 10 minutes prior to your lesson start time.