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coastal classic show series

A fun, inclusive, and challenging hunter/jumper show series for ridings of all ages and abilities!


May 4, 2024

June 8, 2024 - POSTPONED!

Please watch our Facebook page for the new show date!


Show Officials

Show Manager: Virginia Shaw

Assistant Show Manager: Marina Godin

Announcer: Kristin Mugnai

Secretary: Crissy Bradley


All shows will be held rain or shine

Coastal Classic 1.png

class list

1. Horse/pony in hand

2. Horse/pony in hand championship

3. Showmanship pattern

4. Showmanship pattern in hand

5. Leadline equitation

6. Leadline pleasure

7. Leadline champion

8. Leadline poles

9. Walk/trot equitation

10. Walk/trot equitation

11. Walk/trot pleasure

12. Walk/trot pleasure

13. DEMF Walk/trot poles 

14. Walk/trot/canter pleasure

15. Walk/trot/canter please champion/reserve

16. Walk/trot/canter equitation champion

17. Short stirrup/long stirrup equitation

18. Short stirrup/long stirrup hunter

19. Short stirrup/long stirrup hunter

20. Short stirrup/long stirrup champion/reserve

21. Short stirrup/long stirrup equitation flat

22. Short stirrup/long stirrup hunter under saddle champion/reserve

23. DEMF Short stirrup/long stirrup


Entry Fees:

Warmup Fee - $10 

Regular Classes - $25 

Medal Classes - $30

Exhibitor Fees:

Post Entry Fee - $10 per combination if the entry is received later than one week prior to the date of the show

Grounds Fee - $10 

Number Fee - $1

kid stonewall show.jpg


  1. The Coastal Classic Show Series is an unaffiliated show series open to all riders; no membership required.

  2. Any rider competing in at least 3 of the 4 shows in the same division will be eligible for year end awards.

  3. Only trainers may approach the show manager or steward, who may approach the judge. Parents and competitors are prohibited from contacting the judge directly.

  4. All judge decisions are final.

  5. No stallions allowed on the show grounds.

  6. Exhibitor must be 12 years of age or younger to compete in short stirrup classes.

  7. Riders 13 years and older are eligible for long stirrup classes.

  8. Jumping courses will be posted before warmups.

  9. Warmup will be available at multiple heighted throughout the day and will be announced in advance.

  10. All exhibitors must wear ASTM/SEI approved helmets at all times while mounted. Classes may be cancelled or combined the day of the show depending on the number of entries. DEMF may be combined according to DEMF rules.

  11. Numbers shall be worn and visible while in the ring.

  12. Warn others of a horse with kicking tendencies with a red ribbon in its tail.

  13. The only dogs permitted on showgrounds are service dogs. If your service dog behaves inappropriately during or near the horse arena, you may be asked to leave.

  14. Exhibitors shall not ride outside of the arena or designated practice area.

  15. Exhibitor shall present a neat and clean appearance and be attired in appropriate show clothes.

  16. Any horse or rider that is deemed unsafe may be asked to stop, dismount or leave the grounds.

sponsorship opportunities

The Coastal Classic Show Series relies on generous sponsors to offer top of the line hunter/jumper classes for riders of all ages and abilities at the local level.


​There are four sponsorship levels:​


Grand Champion—$300 Sponsorship of a division of your choice to be announced at the year end banquet, a banner displayed and an announcement of sponsorship at each show, and a shout out on Coastal Classic Show Series Facebook page. ​


Blue Ribbon—$200A banner displayed and an announcement of sponsorship at each show.


Red Ribbon—$100An announcement of sponsorship at each show.  Banners to be provided by the sponsor.​


Please send completed sponsorship form with payment and advertising materials to:

​West Neck Farm

Re: Coastal Classic Show Series

237 West Neck Farm

Nobleboro, ME 04555

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